Wednesday, May 18, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Yunnie evidence mounting: "'There is reason to believe that New York City may have a higher level of people with narcissistic personality disorder than other cities,'" says Frank Yeomans, director of training at the Personality Disorders Institute of Weill Medical College." [RS]

Brand-new, Bloombergian fountain in Washington Square Park appears to be cracked and falling apart. [WSPB]

After Howl, James Franco to play another iconic gay New York poet--Hart Crane. Is Whitman next? [VF]

Can anything in the LES "ward off the evil spell of girls in stilettos crying on corners and the dudes with popped collars trying to coax them into cabs"? [NYP]

Skinhead on Christopher St:

A Honda commercial in a vanished city--with Lou Reed. [youtube]

Today, check out an exhibit of drawings of "All the Buildings in New York." [BB]

Friday, don't miss Lost Bohemia at IFC--see it with Bill Cunningham for a double dose of vanishing New York. [IFC]

Hip Brooklyn food vendors now taking over Rockaway. [Eater]

This weekend, stay indoors--the East Village will be crawling for a Cupcake Crawl. [CBS]

The Amato Opera House gets a fancy Corcoran "for sale" sign, now that it's back on the meat rack. [EVG]

"Bloomberg had folks questioning what planet he was on Monday when he declared 'there aren't very many panhandlers left' in city subways." [NYDN]


Ken Mac said...

Ah....Lou Reed in front of the greatly missed Bottom Line...magic..

JAZ said...

Wow, what a great commercial that was.

Re:Cupcake crawl - This whole cupcake thing the last few years has always rubbed me the wrong way. I know it is for a good cause and all, but I find the whole 'luxury, gluten-free, etc., etc.' cupcake trend to be a symbol of the whole gentrification explosion.

Who knows, maybe I am just over-sensitive or something.

Grand St. said...

That WSP blog is great. It's pathetic, and sadly typical, that the park redo is over budget, behind schedule and of shoddy quality. Wonder if the old fountain ever cracked.

Had the 'privilege' of hearing Bloomberg speak at the GWU graduation this past weekend. He led with a Charlie Sheen joke. It went downhill from there.

Ken Mac said...

and when are they going to reopen the rest of the park? I never see any work being done in there..

onemorefoldedsunset said...

The Bloomberg statement is laughable. I've been taking a long subway ride to work every day for ever (well it feels like it)& have seen just as many panhandlers & WAY more homeless on the trains & in the stations this year, in comparison to the last few years.