Wednesday, May 11, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Make the Millionaires Pay--today on Wall Street: "at 4PM thousands of working people, students, seniors, people on public assistance, and community activists, will take Wall Street to school and create a giant classroom without walls." [AL]

City wants to install a special "limousine lane" to ferry the wealthy from home to work. Not kidding. [DNA]

Are we going to lose the lovely Cup & Saucer diner? [EVG]

The Times tries to glamorize 9th Ave between 14th and 23rd--completely omitting the endangered culture that has long been thriving (and recently struggling) there. [NYT]

Visiting the great Justin Vivian Bond, above Mars Bar: V "is going to have to leave this apartment next month. The ramshackle building is surrounded by the dormlike Avalon Bay apartment complex, and will soon be demolished to make way for more of the same. Bond still isn’t sure where he’s [sic] going." [NYM]

More ideas for the new city as BMW and the Guggenheim take over a rat-infested EV lot. One of their first ideas--chop down that tree! [EVG]

A history of the endangered Essex Street Market. [Forward]

In Bushwick, a mystery person leaves an artifact of the old on the doorstep of the new. [NYS]

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Josh said...

The NYT piece says 9th Ave between 14th and 23rd Streets is "off-the beaten path" -- that's a joke, right?