Thursday, May 19, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Mars Bar demolition now official--with the paperwork to prove it. [GVSHP]

Artisanal-mainstreaming--Vlasic puts out some Brooklynesque pickles. [Gothamist]

Brooklyn hates Manhattan. So says someone on Etsy. [RS]

Woody Allen on the loss of Elaine's: "The food was unremittingly terrible from start to finish. My theory was that that was one of the appeals of the place--that if the food was great, then everyone would be going up there for the food. But they weren’t." [ML]

Actor Chris Noth: "The loss of Elaine’s, he said, was like 'what’s happening to the rest of the city--it’s why the city is becoming block after block of Duane Reades and Bank of Americas.'" [NYT]

Ray's Candy still not getting approval from the DOH. [EVG]

Lafayette and Houston losing one-time Gaseteria for luxury loft development. [NYO]

On the death of the Plaza Hotel: "Because of hubris or ignorance—no one knows—the developers never seemed to understand New York's attachment to this frumpy grand dame." [NYO]

From the WNYC archives, a 1952 radio report on how the city convinced Brooklyn NIMBYs to accept the Owl's Head Pollution Control Plant. [WNYC]

Check out Stephanie Gray's poetic super8 city films at Millennium this Saturday--includes lots of secret side streets.

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Grade "A" Fancy said...

Frumpy? The Plaza is frumpy?
You are killing me.