Tuesday, May 17, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

EV Grieve speaks out against the eateries that "continue to turn the East Village into some kind of foodie tourist trap. Hyper-seasonal! Farm to table! Artisanal! ...They're greedy carpetbaggers here to cash in on the East Village gold rush." [FIR]

Elaine's to close next week. [Eater]

In Carroll Gardens, Joe's Superette shutters after more than 50 years--taking their fried prosciutto balls with them. [PMFA]

Friday at Cinema Village, Florent the movie is coming.

Going off the grid on the Gowanus. [BTN]

Behind the DOH closure at Ray's Candy. [NMNL]

Lexus taxi drivers sound "spoiled and superficial." [RS]

Author and JVNY commenter Mick Dementiuk is delighted to find his book 100 Whores in the St. Mark's Bookshop--and Melanie got a shot. [EVC]


maximum bob said...

This city sucks. It has become a predatory entity that harasses it's residents to the grave.
The DOH is useless. It's only reason for existence is to generate
revenue to continue it's own bloated existence.
And you would surely have to be a
masochist to want to own a car in
this shitty gotham.

Sally Miller said...

Could it possibly be that the rent is more affordable there in the East Village? For a restaurant? And is there any food worse than fried prosciutto balls? Maybe from farm to table is the healthiest way to eat! Just because you're New Yorkers doesn't mean you have to eat badly. And DO read that great book of Mick's, 100 Whores!

A New Jersey resident who loves old AND new New York.


Melanie said...

Congrats to Mick. He is a great writer.
Joe's Superette--another great is vanishing. I hope they are retiring and having a good time. Joe was the best--my sammy--fresh mozzarella with sun dried tomatoes on Italian bread. They catered parties for me--they did a 6 foot long sammy for parties. I love them.

Ed said...

The EV Grieve interview at Fork in the Road is well worth looking at. If you don't have time to read his blog (which is excellent but exhaustive), the interview gives you a good sense of it.