Friday, May 20, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

For the foodie men of NYC: "who neurotically look at the origin of every ingredient, who regularly order things like pork belly and make fun of how I say 'radicchio' (you know who you are asshole), it’s fine to eat healthy and homegrown food but you can be quieter and nicer about it." [XOJ]

May 25: You are invited to 35 Cooper Square's funeral. [EVG]

On the ongoing inspections of Ray's Candy: "This inquisition could go on forever and Ray's Candy Store will never open." [NMNL]

Florent the movie reviewed: "a touching, elegiac tale of the rise (and some would say fall) of a colorful New York neighborhood under the relentless march of gentrification." [NYT]

Moby tells the Canucks: "New York is a victim of its own success. It's become so fancy and so affluent that the interesting people who made me want to stay in New York have all had to leave. So my neighbourhood, the Lower East Side--I don't really know anybody in my neighbourhood anymore." [TS]

A visit to the EV's Archangel Antiques. [NYT]

See what The Highliner has done in the old Empire Diner. [Grub]

Orchard St. gallery upsetting parents with windows full of porno paintings. [RS]

Stalled Orchard St. project will become yet another hotel, supposedly to "benefit neighborhood residents while adding value to the area overall." [Crain's]

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chummy's mum said...

I caught the Florent documentary last week. Definitely worth and hour and a half of your time. It made me all misty eyed. :::SIGH::: for the old skanky MPD. Not the new shiny MePa.