Wednesday, May 4, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

The Hilfigers have landed with a Hamptons pop-up house in the Meatpacking District to push their preppy line:

Comes complete with broad-shouldered bodyguard, pink pants, and silver tea set:

Anti-Walmarters on LES warn of chain-store virus! [DNA]

Save the Essex St. Market says the cheesemongers. [SA]

Handy starter kit for trendy Brooklyny restaurant. [Eater]

Mike Tyson and his Brooklyn pigeons. [CR]

Name the people and places in these old NYC photos. [FP]

More on the Starbuck thievery phenomenon. [Restless]

The East Village may have Lambos and Batmobiles, but Greenpoint has this automobilic monstrosity--complete with snake eye. [NYS]

Finally, the venerated egg cream endures yet another indignity--it's "a riff...made with malted milk syrup and vanilla beans, Battenkill Creamery milk and seltzer from one of the last suppliers in the city that refills old-school bottles. In a four-star flourish, a splash of olive oil is added with a silver oil can from Tiffany & Company." [Eater]


marjorie said...

I was willing to give the creme de l'oeuf a pass until I got to the SILVER TIFFANY OIL CAN. Now I want to go punch someone in the face.

why? said...

Oh that is just plain silly!

Anonymous said...

WHERE is this little cottage located? MeePah just keeps getting cuter and cuter. Has Starbucks found a site there yet? They need their lattes!

Basia said...

Simply nauseating.