Tuesday, May 10, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Documentary on the battle for Coney Island airs on PBS this weekend. [Gothamist]

Check out Above Brooklyn, a movie about rooftop pigeons. [LM]

The Empire Diner's replacement is open for business. [Eater]

Jerking off with Jewels on Avenue A. [NMNL]

City tells bicyclists, "Don't be a jerk." [DOT]

Henry Miller on "that old shit hole" New York. [BB]

Portland chef now cooking pig heads in the EV. [EVG]

1 comment:

Crazy Eddie said...

Re those Jerk Bike DOT spots. The cyclist calling Mario a jerk doesn’t even have his Bell helmet on correctly! Also, come on, Jerk? At least go with Douche Bag. Hey, JS uses it all the time (with good reason).