Monday, May 9, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

The Coney Island Gift Shop now offers pieces of the destroyed boardwalk in a bottle. Visualingual calls it "a useless fetish object that capitalizes on the nostalgia surrounding Coney Island." [VL]

Life inside a Greenpoint trailer. [NYS]

On the Bowery, Koolhaas argues against preservation: "If you preserve something, it becomes conserved and then something artificial." [WOBA]

Tattooing on the Bowery. [BB]

Sign the petition to support Max Fish. [TLD]

Answers to the Flaming Pablum before and after NYC photos quiz. [FP]

Boating the lake in Prospect Park. [CR]

Read artist Donald Judd's 1989 essay about his cast-iron building on Spring Street. [DO]


JAZ said...

An architect railing against building preservation is just as self serving as Dunkin Donuts when they rail against mandatory displayed calorie counts.

hoolsa said...

Presentations like that remind me of why I can't stand the fucking New Museum.