Saturday, April 27, 2013

Press & Awards


New York Daily News, Editorial 3/9/15: On #SaveNYC
New York Daily News, Editorial 10/29/14: On NYC Ambassador Taylor Swift
New York Daily News, Editorial 8/16/14: On Chains in the City
New York Daily News, Editorial 4/27/14: On Carriage Horses
The New York Times, Room for Debate 4/13/13: On Gentrification
New York Observer, Advice for Mayor Bill, 11/13/13
The New York Times, Opinion 8/21/12: On the High Line

Playboy Magazine, Reader Response 5/19/2010: On the vanishing city
The New York Times, Opinion 4/4/10: On Edward Hopper's Nighthawks
New York Daily News, Editorial 2/10/09: On the City's Downturn


Metro NY, weekly column
The Daily News, 8/3/14
The New Yorker, Culture Desk 10/24/13: The Last Picture Shop
The New Yorker, Culture Desk 5/23/13: Edward Hopper's Details
Salon, 9/19/12, New York's Dying Signs

Paris Review, The Daily 8/3/12, Sisters of the Night
Paris Review, The Daily 1/12/12, A Day in Culture
Huffington Post, multiple dates


WNYC: Brian Lehrer Show, 3/26/15
Salon, 3/15/15
BBC World Service Radio, 11/25/14
New York Post, 11/16/14
The Indypendent, 8/13/14
The Daily Beast, 8/5/14
Financial Times Magazine, First Person, 11/15/13
Paper Magazine, 8/19/12, on Peep World
New York Observer, 7/13/12
No Such Thing As Was, 1/6/12
Next American City, Fall 2009, The Gospel According to Jeremiah
Broke-Ass Stuart, 7/14/09
Patell & Waterman, 1/30/09
The Villager, 4/17/08, Vanishing City Bloggers
The New York Times, City Section 10/28/07
New York Metro, Blogarithms 8/6/07


Newsweek, 9/1/14
New York Times, 11/22/13
Time Out New York, 4/9/13, NYC Secrets 
This Recording, 10/3/11
Village Voice, 1/28/2010: "I Blog NY: Your Guide to Gotham's Best"
New York Daily News, 11/8/10
The Times of London, Has New York Lost Its Edge? 11/23/09 
New York Magazine, City of Glass, 9/9/08


The Australian, 4/7/14
Norwegian Business Daily 1/9/14
Frankfurter Rundschau 4/29/13
24 Heures (Switzerland) 4/1/13 
Xplor NY (Italy) 2/27/12
La Tercera (Chile) 10/7/10
Le Temps (Switzerland) 10/21/09


Village Voice: Best of New York 2014
Friends of the Upper East Side, Preserving Classic New York Award, 2014
Village Voice, Web Awards 2012: "Blogger We Love"
Village Voice, Web Awards 2010: "Best Personal Blog"
Village Voice, Gotham's Best Blogs, 2010

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