Thursday, May 5, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

May 20: Lost Bohemia opens for theatrical release at the IFC Center--don't miss this one, and read an interview with the director here.

Friday night: Check out the 25-year reunion of Matthew Courtney's Wide Open Cabaret at ABC No Rio.

Grand and Ludlow to get an "Anti-Whaling Wall" by veteran NYC muralist Knox Martin, depicting "an underwater whale massacre in a vivid palette of red and blue." [LM] & [BB]

Festival of Ideas--the upscaling, greening, and artisanaling of street fairs? One description: "a weekend street festival that eschews traditional fair funnel cake and face painting for fresh-brewed kombucha and a philosophy of sustainability." [WNYC]

Hey, anything with the word "pork" in it sells in the East Village, right? [EVG]

Meet the Birdman of Inwood. [CR]

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Mark said...

Lost Bohemia is a spectacularly good documentary and a spectacularly sad story.

Highly recommended!