Wednesday, May 25, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

What's been missing from the Rodeo Drive of Bleecker St? Why, Jimmy Choo, of course. It would not be a Sex & the City girl's dream street without that. Coming soon:

"New York is kind of lame now." [Gothamist]

"I've always seen the MTA's Manhattan map as a limp dick." [RS]

Help Project Neon capture the city's greatest signage. [BB]

Look out Queens: there's a chef who "sports a beard and a tattoo, cooks with local ingredients and wears ironic 1970s T-shirts," and yet is not "found in the East Village or in the hip reaches of Brooklyn." [NYT] via [Eater]

Take the latest Flaming Pablum photo quiz. [FP]

More from the Chillmaster dance party--from Goggla. [TGL]

Bloomberg Admin's tearing down old mansions in Jackson Heights. [QC]

What remains of 35 Cooper Square and its long history? A pile of bricks. [EVG]

Mourn the loss today at 6pm:

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