Tuesday, May 24, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Brooklyn tells Manhattan, "now we're fighting" in response to the most recent note. [BB] via [RS]

Bed Bug Man in a blood-filled costume--coming to the city! [Gothamist]

"Greenpoint residents who moved into a glitzy building across the street from a long established, 83 year-old poultry slaughterhouse are whining to the press." [Eater]

"Brooklyn is harsh, unforgiving country. Why did we ever leave New York?" Gary Shteyngart stars with Paul Giamatti in a book trailer. [NYM]

Rally to mourn the loss of 35 Cooper Square. [EVG]

Word on the street: Hotelier is buying the Max Fish building and possibly extending their lease. [BB]

Will Japanese lenticular sidewalks make people stay to the right, or just make them nauseated? [C77]

More on the Chillmaster's dance party--from Bob. [NMNL]

The book jackets from the walls of Elaine's. [NYM]

Sam Lipsyte gets a deal with HBO. So did Gary Shteyngart. The success of "Bored to Death" is sending HBO to New York literary authors' doorsteps. [HR]

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