Tuesday, May 31, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Before Whole Foods--James and Karla Murray posted this shot of Bowery's backside from Chrystie. Can you guess the year? [J&KM]

Support the Lenny Waller Project and help save the history and culture of BDSM in NYC.

As the city giddily welcomes the next leg of the High Line, let's not forget the neighborhood that will vanish all around it. [NYT]

Marty and Shawn make it out to Coney before it's all vanished. [MAD]

The new Veselka on the Bowery is looking fancy. [EVG]

In Williamsburg: "The crush of outsiders in the neighborhood 'absolutely is Topic A'...They walk into me when they walk down the street texting. 'Don’t get me started on their giant $800 strollers running over my ankles... A lot of people from the old days carry guns. One of these days one of these suburban kids is going to say the wrong thing to the wrong person.'" [NYT]

Scenes of 1970s Harlem in Gil Scott-Heron's "The Bottle." [NYer]

June 3: The Brooklyn Film Festival kicks off. [BFF]

Starting June 7: See Alan Wolfson's miniature Canal St. and more at the Museum of Arts and Design. [MAD]


Caleo said...

"As New York itself has moved away from making products to MAKING EXPERIENCES FOR OUTSIDERS".
That quote from the NYT piece about sums up in one sentence everything that has changed in this city.
In fact, not a real city anymore, just a playground for hordes of suburbanites to "experience" something.
Experience what, we can't really say, because it shifts every 15 minutes.But that's what is most important in the New York of today, that people can " experience" something. I'm currently experiencing agita.

chummy's mum said...

Is the photo c.1985?

I play a game with the texters who don't look up. I continue on my path to see when/if they ever look up. 4 times out of 5, they will walk directly into me. I'm guilty of texting in the street, but I'm always standing still, next to a building or somewhere out of other folks way.

Jeremiah Moss said...

the first guess! 1985. it looks that old, but it's much more recent...

Laura Goggin Photography said...

You can see some old footage of Williamsburg (Bedford Ave) here:


What's interesting is seeing how few people are on the sidewalk and I think this was only in the early 90s.

Grand St. said...

I'll go with 2002 on the Chrystie photo.

Anonymous said...

2004... That entire area seems to have changed over night. Went away for a yr in 05 came home in 06 and all of downtown was different. Not the place I remember as a kid or even young adult.

Jeremiah Moss said...

Grand St's got it. the photographers say they guess they took this one around 2000-2001. amazing to think of what the LES was like only 10 years ago.