Tuesday, November 2, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Thanks to Untapped New York for following up on yesterday's "Cupcake of Death" post--it's not the Cupcake of Death, after all, but Jack Cesareo's mobile sculpture. Read an interview with the artist here.

Restaurateurs "shocked by the backlash" from the powerful NIMBYs and CBs of New York. [WSJ]

A star-studded party week for Mick Rock, Bob Gruen, and the Mudd Club. [Stupefaction]

Remembering the passing of a Sophie's bartender. [EVG]

Ludlow Guitars makes its move. [BB]

What are all those glass buildings good for? Crowd-pleasing digital lightshows! [LM]


David Tampère said...

As a Belgian I can only be disappointed that they turned Cafe de Bruxelles into a French restaurant.

Jason said...

As a New Yorker I can only be disappointed that we no longer have Cafe de Bruxelles.

That was one of my all-time favorite spots. I took my now wife there for her birthday the first couple months after we met.

Jeremiah Moss said...

and in the window they are now advertising "artisanal" something or other, because you can't open a business in this city without selling artisanal products, whatever they might be.

ivanova said...

I loved the Cafe Bruxelles. Before they closed they had a fire, so they were dogged by bad luck.

JaWz said...

As soon as I heard the words "Flex Mussels in the West Village" on some food show--before I even knew for sure WTF it was--I just knew Bruxelles, my go-to place for les moules, was doomed.

My first time there was after my HS graduation in 1988. I went back many times over the years, but not recently. Had it declined at all?