Thursday, November 4, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Read the "surrender the premises" letter Coney veterans received. [ATZ]

An interview with the owner of Ruby's Bar. [Grub]

Why no TSP Halloween protest? Our cuddliest anarchist was brutally attacked in the EV. [EVG]

An interview with Bored to Death cartoonist Dean Haspiel. [NYLF]

Aces & 8s' new owner "would like the bar’s critics to know one thing: 'The beer pong is gone.'" [TLD]

Looking back Gregory Corso, the Beat poet born on Bleecker. [ENY]

It's time for the MIX festival--queer, experimental, New York films. [MIX]

Trader Joe's customers just can't keep an eye on their belongings. [McB]

A look inside NYU's Provincetown Playhouse re-do--how much was really preserved? [Curbed]

Bedbug lawsuit against the Waldorf for "psychological and emotional injuries, anxiety and disordered sleep." [Gothamist]

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