Thursday, November 18, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Coffee porn fetish jumps the shark as Brooklyn shop calls beverage "coffee porn in a cup." [NYO]

Patti Smith scores a National Book Award for Just Kids. Recalling her days at Scribner's, she says, “Please, no matter how we advance technologically, please don’t abandon the book. There is nothing in our material world more beautiful than the book.” [NYT]

Here's a better prize giveaway than cupcakes--bedbug eradication services. Apply now! [RS]

Meanwhile, sour chocolate milk runs wild in the East Village. [EVG]

Looking back at Wanamaker's great fire. [EVT]

Cool blog for vintage Times Square cinephiles. [TOS]

Remembering the Palladium Ballroom. [92Y]

Shots from Sophie Crumb's gallery opening. [SG]

The gorgeous City Hall loop is now legal--don't get off that train. [NYO]

Looking back at the last days of Coney. [GAF]

Fran Lebowitz on keeping kids in strollers until they're past puberty:


Marty Wombacher said...

Cupcakes vs. bedbugs, which are multiplying faster in this town?

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Hurray for the City Hall loop!

Re: cupcakes - can we blame Bloomberg for this? I seem to remember him declaring an 'NYC Cupcake Day' back around 2004-5. At the time, I'd thought to myself that I'd not had a cupcake since grade school, so it was fun when the whole office decided to go out and get a box of them. Little did we know we'd unleashed a monster, a la the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man.

Claribel said...

Um... What is up with this recent aesthetic trend with cupcake icing dollops vs. your simple frosted layer? The cakes with chocolate icing look just like the poo illustration in my toddler's potty training book. Seriously. Not appealing. And $55 for a dozen! Honestly, for that amount of $$ you could buy a cupcake cookbook and bake a poo-load of cupcakes! It's not rocket science.

Claribel said...

I loved the "Dream of Life" documentary and The Coral Sea is one of the best gifts I've ever received. Patti Smith is compelling on so many levels. It's wonderful that she got acknowledged and in response stood up for the printed page. That's a silver lining in an otherwise often gloomy news day.

Anonymous said...

Check this out:

Mike Krieger, Leaving New York:

"One thing I do not want this article to be is a giant bashfest of New York City. I love this place. It is where I was born and it has shaped my personality in every way. The energy is like nothing else on the planet and it will always hold a spot near and dear to my psyche. Who knows, maybe I will return. That said, the current leadership in this city, and by that I mean the financial services industry and the TBTF banks in particular are destroying the city to such a degree that I think it could take a generation to recover. I hope I am wrong on this, but the longer the paper ponzi pushers control this town the worse the devastation will be.

I grew up in Manhattan and I can recall the professions of my friends’ parents. I am sure there were plenty of financial industry parents but I can’t remember any. The vast majority of my friends’ parents owned small businesses, worked in the garment district, were lawyers, psychiatrists, or medical doctors. I bet that if you went to my high school now 50% of the parents work in the financial services industry in one way or the other. This is a complete tragedy and is killing the long-term future of the city I love. What 2008 should have resulted in was a changing of the guard in the United States and in New York in particular. Yes it would have been hard but if we continue in this direction we will end up with a nation where financial terrorists control all the wealth and power and then fund a police state where the only jobs left will be working in the prison system or the police state grid as a TSA type worker that fondles their fellow citizens as if everyone is guilty until proven innocent."

esquared™ said...

apparently, cupcakes will be replaced by pies as the trend in 2011. still a desserty thingy, and "more goyish than any other baked good..."