Wednesday, November 10, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

A lawyer for the embattled businesses of Coney says: No way they're leaving. [Grub]

For fans of the old Fedora, see what the inside looks like today. [Eater]

from ricksterbot's flickr

On Public Speaking, Fran Lebowitz speaks: "They are making this city for tourists. Let me assure you that Bloomberg would be just as happy if all of the citizens of the city just left and sent him our tax money." [BB]

A list of 25 books from 2010 set in and about NYC. [WOBA]

Landmarks says no thanks to new Meatpacking tower. [Curbed]

Looking way back at the spirit of E. 5th St. [EVG]

Bobo wins Village Paper space--and a long-quiet corner will now be something else. [Eater]

Bulldozing the Bank of Coney Island. [ATZ]

Taking a look at Red Square, the building that helped launch hypergentrification in the EV. [FNY]

Can we save the city from this t-shirt and all it signifies?



EV Grieve said...

Um, what did he do with (or to) Fedora? There's nothing fucking left! Outrageous.

Caleo said...

Yeah, I remember this blowhard saying he was going to keep many of the original details.
What a crock of shit.
It looks as if NOTHING original is left, other than the floor he's standing on.
But this guy talked a good game, I'll give him that.