Monday, November 29, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Eagle-eye photographer Brian Rose discovers the origin of the mysterious Houston Wall. Going way back beyond its long history as a street artist's canvas, the wall was once part of a handball court--as seen in On the Bowery. [Brian Rose]

This 1981 doc on the Chelsea Hotel will break your heart. [Stupe]

The owner of the new Polonia: "my staff and myself are hoping that the old customers which really enjoy to nag and complain will find somewhere more suitable to their liking. Besides, we are starting to attract a younger, career-oriented crowd." [EVG]

Celebrate the history of the Bowery, Tues night at Dixon Place. [TIX]

Longtime tenant battles her new landlord--the Italian-American Museum. [TLD]

Checking in with the Rag & Bone mural. [BB]

Swimming out to Rat Island and the Pelham Pesthouse. [ENY]

Check out Lisanne's art show in Gowanus. [FIB]

"Academics have a word for what the [East Village] has become: a nightscape. Bars and restaurants were once peripheral to the main drag's primary economic drivers: supermarkets, coffeehouses, boutique shops, record stores. But in post-industrial cities, nightlife has grown into an industry in its own right... it means the creation of a Party District." [CNY]

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