Friday, November 12, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Often I have asked the universe, "Who are the monsters who actually want the city to turn into a big mall? The ones who beg for more chain stores? Do they even exist?" Well, yes, they do--and the New York Times talks to one who says, "Please, can you bring in Dunkin’ Donuts...I also want a Bank of America.” Curbed's commenters (mostly) rip her a new one. [via Curbed]

Paul McDonough's photos of 1970s NYC. [Lens]

Save this EV willow tree from condo people! [EVG]

Save the Bowery with Poor Baby Bree. Get tickets here.

The bedbuggers weigh in on so-called BB repellent. [BBF]

Today, artists recreate bohemian apartments. [Eater]

You have to be cool to eat at Sam's. [Eater]

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jeremiah,
Wondering if you could help spread the word about the rally to save these two Greek Revival townhouses in the East Village...they have rich histories, as merchants houses, tenements, synagogue, ukranian anarchistic/utopian group...and the first owners built the first steamship to cross the Atlantic!

The city has refused to save them so demolition permits will be issued soon. Rally is this Tues Nov 16th at 326 and 328 E. 4th St.


Michelle (Untapped New York)