Friday, November 19, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Vintage sleaze from 1950s Christopher Street. [VS]

In a follow-up to my story about the vanished Chico mural, DNA talks to an RCN spokesperson who says, "The bottom line is the building had illegal graffiti on it and we cleaned it up — period." [DNA]

...and Grieve finds an RCN tweet about "regular maintenance." [EVG]

Dan Clowes teams with Alexander Payne to bring his misanthopic Wilson to the big screen. [Deadline]

Sad, single-girl bedbug story: "bedbugs aren’t really that big a deal. But they are, I maintain, one of the lonelier afflictions out there." [NYT]

Visiting Esposito's pork store in Carroll Gardens. [NYT]

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esquared™ said...

speaking of being a single girl in nyc...
"Being a new girl here is a lot to process. Your dopamine receptors are haywire from so much of what feels like the right kind of attention... You get sick from the options and the sleep deprivation and the vodka."

All the Young Girls (nyt opinionator)