Friday, November 5, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

The takeover of "MePa" via corporate-sponsored street art continues. Further down the Details Guild wall, formerly the Interstate Foods meatpacking plant, comes work from AOL Artists:

When CBGB's back alley, Extra Place, gives entry into some kind of super-exclusive club called "Extra Place," and the marketers say it "revives the renegade spirit of the Bowery," you know some chunk of the city's soul has just quietly died. [Eater]

The ArtKraft Strauss warehouse is coming down. [Curbed]

All-expenses trip to NYC? "The bedbugs ruined all the fun." [NYDN]

What's up with the 13th Street haunted house? [EVG]

At Sophie Crumb's opening. [NSC]

Loisiada promises to take you back to 1988. [CDLP]

Gerritsen Beach mob goes after local blogger for reporting on Halloween "tricks": "He don't like Gerritsen Beach, let him move out!" Despite the fireworks, it actually raises vital questions about class, culture, freedom of speech, and the limits of privacy on the Internet. [Gothamist] & [Sheepshead B]


Laura Goggin Photography said...

Was sitting in Mars Bar recently when two girls came in looking for that Extra Place, er, place. If they were looking for a real EV/Bowery experience, why not stay in Mars?? Guess I answered my own question.

hoolsa said...

Yeah, guess this explains why I saw a pack of wild animals dressed in suits stumbling down Ex. Pl, open containers in hand, a few weeks ago during CMJ.

I tried to tell them that I'd call 311 if they dont throw out their booze while walking down the street, but unfortunately these particular losers were Eurotrash that barely spoke English.

JakeGould said...

Gerritsen Beach. You are right. The issue of the Halloween attacks raises a lot of issues. But I need to add my Brooklyn-bred 2 cents:

1) They make claims that this kind of attacks happen all the time and it’s no big deal. Shaving cream? Yes. Eggs? Yes. Eggs with Nair on them? Yes. Rocks, bricks and hammers hitting the elderly? HELL NO! Occasionally an adult would get smashed by an egg, but mostly it was kids against kids. These Gerritsen Beach kids are thugs. If they were black this would be front page news and kids would be locked up.

2) There's a stereotype of deep Brooklyn as being a tad "redneck." Well, I have got to tell you that’s mostly stereotypical B.S. Except for Gerritsen Beach. That place is like the “Westies” neighborhood of Brooklyn. Always thuggery. The bars were the most explicit mob/crime hangouts even until they closed down recently. And the only neighborhood that was close to it in thugness was Bensonhurst in the 1980s. These asshats deserve to have their neighborhood exposed. And while the posting of Facebook identities seems a tad much, I can’t imagine what it must be like for the blogger who runs that site to live in the middle of that crap.

People are terrorized in Gerritsen Beach. The place needs to be cleaned up. It’s sick. Scorsese should do a movie on them. And that’s the best I can say.

Anonymous said...

Too bad about GB. Yes, I also grew up in Bklyn in a nearby nabe. I hate to see such behavior from my my homies, their parents (watch the video on defending them, and the NYPD in absentium.