Tuesday, November 9, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Check out the new EVTransitions--a blog after my own heart. [via EVG]

Visit the Navy Yard Cocktail Lounge and its lovely dancers--it recently shuttered after 100 years. [EVG]

On the Bowery returns to Film Forum--don't miss it: 11/19 - 25. [FF]

See BAN's Bowery exhibit on the same day for an all-Bowery afternoon. [GSN]

Remembering when the Deuce was still dirty. [TASOL]

A way-too-large percentage of Gothamist readers prefer today's Olive Gardeny version of Times Square to the classic. I don't get it. [Gothamist]

Quentin Crisp's East Village apartment gets recreated--at MIX.


EV Grieve said...

Cool! I've been looking for a Lou Diamond Phillips cake for my next Young Guns viewing party. (Should have seen what we found inside the Charlie Sheen cake!)

Anonymous said...

My experience was that Times Sq in 1986 was fucking scary.

Marty Wombacher said...

@EV Grieve: I want a slice of the Sheen cake! Do you eat it, smoke it or snort it?

Dan said...

That Gothamist poll has 65% voting for the old-school Times Square.

Jeremiah Moss said...

should be at least 85%!

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with this city? Cake shops everywhere! Did you see the dreadful new fancy one that opened on 8th Ave today near 15th Street.
Pass the barf bag.

Carol Gardens said...

May I say the current Bruce's in Great Neck is a riot! Excessive quantities of food and the clientele makes me feel like I am in Miami. It actually has a certain sort of New Yorkish vulgarity and the food is pretty good, too. So I would not poo poo this particular news. It is far better than a chain going in.

Jeremiah Moss said...

Carol G, your description is what i hoped for--no poo-pooing here, i look forward to seeing C-List celebs as cakes!