Wednesday, November 3, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Memories of Ruby's Bar. [CR]

Fight to save Ruby's and other Coney businesses this Saturday--and sign the petition. [ATZ]

Markowitz's vision for Coney: Artisanal. [Grub]

East Village frat-friendly sports pub Finnerty's scrapes off their Yankees logo and replaces it with San Francisco. More Californication?

Another meatpacking plant dies and another "Wow Factor" glass tower takes its place. [Curbed]

Bloomberg and city government throw money to budding fashionistas. [Racked]

Doc on Seward Park Housing Co-op premieres. [BB]

Chatting with Sophie Crumb. [SG]

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Ken Mac said...

Jeremiah, thank you for your recent comment re my mom's passing. Heartfelt thanks and appreciation, very sweet of you. LOss just sucks.