Wednesday, November 24, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

What's the ugliest building in the EV? [EVG]

Guss' Pickles on LES now an upscale cigar shop. [Racked]

What's the most hideous Thanksgiving window display in Brooklyn? [NYS]

Get eccentric beauty and bath supplies at Ray's. [LC]

Could the beautiful industrial holdout Kleen-Stik building be getting ready for Ludlow hipster living? [Curbed]

A poetry publisher is born in Brooklyn. [LM]

Behind Ray's grade B. [Scoopy]

RCN and Chico have words about the recent blue-washing of the Obama mural and future plans for the wall. [DNA]

Susan Stetzer on the old and new East Village: “It was a much stronger, much closer community then. Everyone knew everyone, and they weren’t necessarily people like you.” In a neighborhood known for its activism, she added, people used to meet one another at conferences for one cause or another, or while handing out petitions on tenants’ rights. “Nowadays, if someone’s giving out something,” she said, “it’s for a sale.” [NYT]


Laura Goggin Photography said...

I would call that the *best* Thanksgiving display! lol

Have a lovely holiday, Jeremiah, and enjoy the sunshine and dazzling gold ginkos. :)

Jeremiah Moss said...

agreed--definitely the best display! insane, hideous, and wonderful.

you have a lovely holiday, too, Goggla, get some last-minute autumn pics before the leaves are all gone.

Melanie said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy everything.

OLA said...

nicki minaj is a NY girl, from queens and went to LaGuardia HS. regardless of how you feel about her music or pink thing, gotta love a hometown girl being at the top of her game!