Monday, November 15, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

Rally tomorrow to save EV townhouses from the wrecking ball. [UNY]

Help convince Landmarks to save the last Federal rowhouse on the Bowery--and a man's home. [CFR]

Tonight: Join photographer Marlis Momber to discuss the changing Loisaida. [EVG]

A new Walker in the City recalls Old Helen the Greek and the Penny Man. [WIC]

Meet Jim Jarmusch at Anthology. [AFA]

Would you reveal your bedbug history to a new landlord? [Gothamist]

“Everyone’s getting sucked into the whole bedbug pandemonium,” Mrs. Silver said. [NYT]

"...the typical artist will still be unable to afford to move in. But the sudden re-awakening of the artist-in-residency requirement is making it hard for SoHo to keep up its real estate vibe." [NYT]


Grand St. said...

Reading yesterday's Times, I would have bet the hizzy that you'd have linked to the Metro section piece on the conversion of the grand old movie houses into chain crapola. Just in case you missed it:

Jeremiah Moss said...

argh! thanks, i hadn't seen that.