Thursday, July 2, 2009

Joe Jr.'s


I got the following email today from JVNY reader and writer David Kamp:

"HELP! Just walked past my beloved local greasy spoon (6th Ave at 12th St) and they have big handwritten signs in the window saying they've lost their lease after 35 yrs. They are asking people to sign a petition to save Joe Jrs and to 'spread the word,' I guess in hopes of pressuring the landlord not to cut them loose."

*Update: Kamp rounds up the blog coverage and Grub St. says "it's really over."

See more from my visit to Joe Jr.'s this past December.


ShatteredMonocle said...

God dammit! I love that place!

Anonymous said...

Nooooooo! I moved to NY 12 years ago from the west coast. I'm not in the city much these days but was there a few months ago and was so happy to be there... dammit... that place reminded me of what I loved about New York.


EV Grieve said...

And now I'm really depressed.

Anonymous said...

Oh no!!!

Grand St. said...

Aargh. Best tuna salad in town.

What was the deal with the 90s "save" of Joe's by famous customers (like Mizrahi, Broderick and Jessica Parker) and other loyals?

Jill said...

Bad news indeed.