Monday, July 27, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Noisy, illegal hotel (packed with crazy Canadian girls) freaking out uptowners. [Gothamist]

Partying renters are not properly respecting the condos they've been invited into. [Curbed]

Just don't rent to America's Top Models--you might end up with this twisted nightmare. [Gawker]

On 14th and 6th, the long-empty storefront with the LYNN's ghost sign has found a tenant--one of the 9,000 7-Eleven's coming our way to kill our bodegas:

Visit the incredible Chez Ralph in Red Hook. [NYP]

Is American Apparel firing workers the owner deems "unattractive and thus detrimental to the 'AA aesthetic'"? [Gawker]

In a highly funded campaign, who's actually volunteering for Bloomberg? [NYM]

SuperDive--a different kind of velvet rope. [EVG]


Anonymous said...

I hate Superdive with a VENGEANCE.
It's everything that's gone wrong with this city. Private Dive Bar?

EV Grieve said...

The arrival of 7-Eleven really depresses me.

Sempion said...

Ah yes, 7-11, just the finishing touch to put the "suburban frosting" on the cake of NYC's demise. I made a comment about the the stretch of B'way and Columbus Avenue on the UWS becoming perilously close to looking like Paramus to a friend yesterday, and she was miffed. Apparently she's quite pleased saying, "why should people have to go to NJ to shop those stores", to which I answered "why not just live in NJ?". Sad.

Leslie C. said...

bodegas are depressing. 7-11s, while gross, are useful for slurpees and are generally clean.

pwlsax said...

Leslie, much of NY is depressing and not clean. That's what keeps it real.

Bob Pomeroy said...

The 7-Eleven news is depressing, indeed, but you sorta exaggerate the numbers. 7-Eleven plans 350 stores over the next 5-7 years, according to the online trade journal Convenience Store News (

Robert P. McAuley said...

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