Wednesday, July 1, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Man leaves $1960 laptop on a table at Starbucks while he goes to pee--amazingly, it got stolen! [BP]

Condos are so hard to off-load, they're giving away free cars. [Curbed]

Times Square pedestrian mall "unworthy of New York." But which New York? In a city taken over by suburbanist mall-rats, it kind of fits right in. [NYT]

Revisit the Bowery of 1981. [EVG]

The Hot Festival is here and queer--participant Penny Arcade, "queer is anyone who has experienced a period of isolation and exclusion so profound that they could never exclude anyone else." [CR]


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but that 13-yr old is a stupid spoiled little a-hole. If he doesn't understand the technology that had to fall in place for the iPod to exist than we are in serious trouble in the next 50 years. What kind of ignorant kids are people raising these days? Look out George Orwell. Here we come.

ShatteredMonocle said...

That condo with the free car also "twitters" about its open houses and gives shout-outs to prospective buyers.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Sounds like that kid is just clueless - not knowing there was music on the other side of the tape is just pure ignorance. Then again, he probably grew up never having seen one before.

My first Walkman tape player was the best gift ever...I do kinda miss the hissing/warbling/clonking of the tape being rewound. I don't miss having to carry around 20 tapes in my bag, though.

Anonymous said...

God, I remember walking into Service Merchandise and seeing all the Walkmans locked behind a glass case, that's how expensive they were.

Of course, my first Walkman was from some kind of promotional give away event and it had the MARLBORO cigarette logo plastered across it. It was the height of technology for me, and i am only 20. Am I that old?

Needless to say, that boy is a little twit.