Thursday, July 30, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Just after news of Max Brenner's demise from the EV, the signage is off like a prom dress and workers are already gutting the place of all things bald and chocolate:

On the license notice announcing a new Chipotle for the former Food Bar in Chelsea, someone has scrawled: "another F...g McDonald's? There's one right up the street!" Chipotle, McDonald's, it's really all the same:

Cinema Nolita closes on Mulberry. [BB]

Make a last visit to the lovely and lost Peter's grocery. [FNY]

Bloomberg deports homeless from NYC, begins construction on giant velvet rope to keep rabble out of Manhattan. [NYT]

Sign the petition to save Rudy's, one of the last real dives in Times Square. [LM]

Looking back at a landmark countercultural theatre on Ave B. [EVG]

Another skinny building has been revealed--the glass box that is replacing the more interesting 61 Fifth. [Curbed] Read about the old building here and here.

In Glover's Mistake, "an archetype emerges: the disaffected blogger, 'searching not for things to love but a place to put his rage.'" [NYer]

Novelist Michael Idov on pretend BoHo businesses in NYC: "This is not a real commercial culture. A certain class of people decided to play entrepreneurs and decided to play restaurateurs, and their friends decided to play along as customers." [TONY]


Andrew TSKS said...

McDonald's used to own the Chipotle corporation, but they actually sold all of their stock in it a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Rudy's may close is terrifying. Rudy's is one of the last
vestiges of old New York City. The people there are wonderful people and everyone should sign the petition to stop this insanity.

They are slaughtering the classic New York culture to make room from glass and chains. It's appalling and disgusting our mayor doesn't care about historic preservation or landmarks (unless they benefit his cause). I have yet to see him do anything to protect mom & pop businesses. New York City has become his own personal empire and he thinks he is God. Don't vote this ass into office a third term please.

They are already wrecking Coney Island now with this new development (Times Square #2 via Brooklyn)

c.o. moed said...

that chocolate place charged $5 for a tiny cup of hot chocolate. I was shocked and the look I got at being shocked was one of jaded snobbery as if something was wrong with me not wanting to buy prestige.

and it wasn't as good as cheap, chemical filled Dunkin Donuts.

MuffinGal said...

The workers tended to be snobby which made get my drink to go but overall, I liked the Italian Thick Hot Chocolate. It was definitely a treat for me.

The sad thing about NYC now is everyone runs after the next hot thing. Many people are too trendy. If this wasn't the case, maybe we would still have Burritoville rather than boring Chipotle.

M said...

To be fair -- while the deportations don't solve the problem of homelessness, it's not as if these people are being forced out. They have the choice to stay here and those quoted in the article seem grateful. Deportation is not a solution, but nor is it unequivocally bad.