Wednesday, July 29, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Let the de-gentrification of the "Vanishing Block" of 9th Ave begin. MePa is not moving in (yet). A taker has been found for the long-empty Chelsea Liquors spot. It's a Subway:

"the High Line set to destroy the Chelsea gallery scene as we know it. Just as SoHo quickly transformed itself ten years ago into Fashionista Central, so the High Line will become the enemy of high art and the locus of the frivolous..." [Artnet] via [Conscientious]

When public parks go stealthily private--on the High Line: "Celebrity endorsements (Edward Norton, Diane Von Furstenberg), caps on visitor attendance, adjacent real-estate development, and a dense police presence compared to other parks have all contributed to the appearance of something less than fully public." [NYM]

The WaMu on 2nd Ave and 8th St is becoming yet another Chase. Does this mean the 2nd Ave Deli will move back into the Chase spot two blocks north? Wishful thinking...

Bruni beats up on the Cooper Square Hotel: "The hotel tries to claim the neighborhood around it as a party zone on a homogenously slick, glossy par with South Beach or West Hollywood." [NYT] via EVG

In a recent study, "when the drivers texted, their collision risk was 23 times greater than when not texting." Is it any different when walkers text on the sidewalk? Okay, no one dies, but those giant handbags with all the metal bits can really hurt. [NYT]


Christopher said...


I am a New York writer who has written a novel dealing with many of the things you're talking about in your blog.

I was wondering if you'd be interested in doing a review in exchange for a book.

Please let me know.


Anonymous said...

I recently walked to the new high line park. Upon entering I was stopped buy a velvet rope, and a bouncer. They told me it was closed for the evening, and no more people may enter.

I also read in the news that subway will now come equipped with video cameras in every car. I just love this city more and more everyday.

Jeremiah Moss said...

christopher, drop me a line at jeremoss (at) yahoo

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Each time I've tried to visit the High Line, they close it as soon as I get there. Fark that.

I hope the WAMU/Chase doesn't change their music in the ATM vestibule. They've got the best obscure 80s pop play list.

MonkeyButter said...

I could not stand the WAMU ATMs, using works like "Sure" and "No Thanks". Too mushy! The most ass-worthy insult to intelligence, what next? "Kinds" and "Sorta" than "20sh" and "100ish".

dirtygirl said...

I'd been hearing a lot about the HighLine and seeing photos on FB. I went to see it for myself yesterday and I have to say, whatever the down side, for the first time in years I liked being in NY. Everything looks cleaner and fresher. Buildings that are atrocious from the ground took on a certain grandeur.

It was lovely and it gave me a renewed respect for my city. I went during a weekday, there were no lines, no crowds, just wildflowers, clean benches and beautiful views.

I miss the old Meat Market and all it's grunge, but if things are going to change, and it's inevitable, this finally is a change for the better.

David said...

Since Chase now owns WaMu I guess we can expect all branches to either become a Chase or close. There's one block on the UWS with two Chase banks and a about over-saturation.

Bowery Boogie said...

Goggla is right, the playlist kicks ass. but it's also quite sketchy late night.

13 Journal said...

Haven't been on the high line yet, and am troubled by these reports about its being so restrictive, but I did walk by one portion of it which was interesting. An area with tiered seating facing a glass wall overlooking Tenth Avenue. The set up reminded me of a movie theater, except that the movie was the street below. I put a photo on my site: