Friday, July 17, 2009

Another Backside

You've heard from the backside of the Coop. You've heard from the backside of the Thompson LES. Now, we've got another. Our source in the Thompson writes:

"tonight, i was sitting in my apartment and i heard britney spears as if she was singing right next door (how are people still listening to her?) so i went on the roof thinking it was the thompson les and alas! it's THOR.

...i can't believe the hotel is four blocks away and i can hear all their crappy music and people cheering to the crappy music. from what i've read, it's their new event space on the rooftop and it looks like they are giving the thompson a run for their money... i think this might be the next annoying hotel story."

Here's a photo of The Hotel on Rivington's Sunday afternoon penthouse party, the roof precariously overflowing with guests. Are they rivaling Thompson? A Yelper sure thinks so:

"possibly the best party in town these days, and In my opinion the best come back of one establishment this year. Rivington is giving Thompson's drab Above Allen a real run for their money. I found the scene - It's at Rivington, and I suspect it'll stay here, because they have some of the best guys manning the door keeping the area upstairs a douche-free zone."

Somehow, I doubt that last line. The penthouse party-zone just opened this summer--brought to you by the same guy who did exclusive faux-bookshop, The Eldridge. Here's what it looks like up there:

photo: Guest of a Guest--see more here!


EV Grieve said...


My loneliness is killing me
I must confess, I still believe
When I'm not with you I lose my mind
Give me a sign
Hit me baby one more time


Oh, sorry.

"Somehow, doubt that last line."

Classic. And so true.

Bowery Boogie said...

that place is full of douchebags.

Anonymous said...

those pics make my skin crawl. d-bags indeed.

KnicksBasketballNY said...

Oh SON OF SAM where are you?

You city needs you right now more than ever.

Unknown said...

I live over on orchard and rivington and though it was just me. I have to close my back windows otherwise it sounds like their shitty music is on my living room.

Anonymous said...

Douche free? Hardly. They all look like bow wows - with mange.

Anonymous said...

I used to live on Ludlow. The only way to keep the Rivington douche free is to knock it down.

And yes, a little light crime in the area would help scare people back to the meatpacking district...

Laura Goggin Photography said...

That pic of the crowd...holy cow. That can't possibly pass fire code.

Anonymous said...

Boring. How un original. If it's going to be dubbed an "artists" neighborhood then why have Bourgois Zee parties? They exclude people!

L'Emmerdeur said...

Just looking at that last picture gave me herpes.

Jill said...

Remember when they built that new glass walled ballroom that was kind of a loft like space above the lobby at the Grand Hyatt at Grand Central and it gave way almost immediately, during a party, killing and injuring I don't know how many people. I think it was a prom. This looks like history about to repeat itself.

Anonymous said...

Real Debutantes of New Jersey.

Anonymous said...

They should rip down the entire building. Thor sucks and Riv 105 to crowded like this rooftop.

"Best guys at the door"

Give me a break, they dont card at ether thor or at Riv 105, being 21 i thought they would ask for an id, but they dont give a shit, they just care about money. Girls watch out there this creepy old guy all the time their, i think he's the owner.