Wednesday, July 15, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Add ghost-signed Dapper Dan to the list of empty storefronts turning into temporary art galleries--the vacant shop is curated by Mighty Tanaka.

Williamsburg becomes squat city, with shooting galleries. [EVG]

More interview with the great and curmudgeonly Jim Knipfel. [WWIB]

There used to be a place in Brooklyn Heights called "Mammy's Pantry." [PMFA]

Why yuns love cupcakes--says one psych, it's about the "'We're all special' mentality...'we find more people saying, 'I want to have my cake—cake that is individualized, reflects the special person that I am, and is packaged for one—and eat it, too.'" [Voice]

Patsy's in East Harlem turns 76. [Gothamist]

Why'd this kid blow up Starbucks? Literature inspired him. Or maybe it was Brad Pitt. [Gothamist]

A look back at Meatpacking. [GVDP]

Get mugged in luxury at StuyTown. [STLL]

I love pictures of crazy sexy Latin cakes. [Blah]

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Anonymous said...

LOL These fucking wannabe bums. They are to fucking lazy to work. Jerk off rich kids.
Trying to be poor because it's trendy. Makes me sick. They are no different than hipsters!