Wednesday, July 8, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

For what it's worth, I am now on Facebook--with a regular page and a fan page. Not really sure what I'm doing there, but...

Some insider tips on how to research a building. [TM]

Now at Bergdorf's, for a mere $1850: "Marc Jacobs has been able to effectively channel some of that punky East Village spirit in his new St. Marks Hobo, a quilted black satin handbag that’s been studded (like most St. Marks denizens) for extra edge." [EVG]

Read it and weep. Writes Matt Harvey: "Traffic halts while the five blondes flash their popsicle-colored thongs as they drunkenly pile into a cab on East Houston Street..." [NYP]

Aww...bodega cat asleep amongst the Dipsy Doodles:

Artist Damon Rich maps foreclosures on the Panorama of NYC--a "pink stigmata" across the city. [NYT]

Developers in Harlem go bust--one considers "chopping up [a] home, which belonged to a Harlem family for nearly 90 years, and renting it out" to college kids. [NYT]

Joe Jr's closing covered by Serious Eats and NY1.

David's Bagels spot is still empty--says East Village Idiot, "serves their old landlord right." [via Eater]

The artisanal fetishists are now doing their damnedest to ruin pizza--"The only thing they haven’t brought over is the water from that polluted Bay of Naples." [NYT]

Edward Hopper's "Nighthawks" spot to be covered by MTA ventilation monstrosity. [Curbed]


Teri Tynes said...

You do good work. MTA's plans for a ventilation plant at the Greenwich Ave./7th Ave. intersection look particularly egregious.Given the current economy, a Hopper-esque affordable diner there would be a much better use for the spot and much more welcome.

cat said...


Do you think you might do a post on why it actually benefits landlords to leave the properties vacant? If they had incentive to lower the rent, I think we'd see more properties rented immediately. Someone once explained to me that it actually benefits the landlords to leave the properties vacant but I don't recall the details.

Perhaps you or someone else here knows?


Washington Square Park Blog.

Jeremiah Moss said...

that's an important point, cat. i don't know the ins and outs of it, but i think landlords get some tax break for having empty storefronts. anyone know?

SternEdwards said...

A triangular Hopper-esque diner on the corner of 7th Ave and Greenwich would be a terrific idea. At the very least, I hope the MTA ventilation project includes the proposed triangular shaped monument to Hopper along with 9/11 tiles. After all, this could be a grand entrance way to this historic neighborhood.