Tuesday, July 28, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Say it ain't so! Guss' Pickles is leaving the LES for Brooklyn. One more reason to stop loving the LES. [LD]

Is this the t-shirt of NYC's new generation? They used to love the city, now they believe the city loves them. Trust me, yunnie, the city loves no one:

Hipsters upset about the Crusty invasion of dead Williamsburg condos have retaliated with irony, creating the Gutter Punk Foldable and writing, "they've invaded the 'burg and now we can expect a surge in lyme disease from the ticks festering in their nasty-ass beards." [FW]

L Magazine blogger Jonny Diamond rages at hipster-on-crusty hatred--and, in the process, sums up "the gentrifying pattern of the Lower East Side (aka the East Village) which went artist/junkies, crusty/huffers, yuppy/alcoholics" vs. the Williamsburg pattern, which "has kind of gone artist/alcoholics, hipster/cokeheads, yuppy/artisanal beercoholics." [LM]

Russel Brand on Orchard [BB] and R-Pattz all over the EV [EVG]--must be cool here.

Build More Luxury Condoms. [NYS]

Village neighbors score a big kill--the much-despised Beatrice Inn goes down. [Gothamist]

Soho neighbors also score, putting the kibosh on the "Mondrian Menace" outdoor scream machine. [Curbed]

Our local Slum Goddess jams in France with R. Crumb, friends, and family. [SG]


Anonymous said...

No longer live in NYC, so tell me: what are Crusties?

Beatrice Inn closed? Where will the young and the beautiful and charge card overextended congregate?

Laura Goggin Photography said...

No, the city doesn't love, it tolerates...until one day it decides to give the heave-ho to all the pickles. How will I ever enjoy Crossing Delancey again??