Thursday, July 9, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

The must-see Save Coney! video is here.

Saw this one coming from a mile away: Marc Jacobs grabs the lovely Biography Bookshop space. Luckily, the shop is staying in the Village. [Racked]

Gowanus saved from Whole-Foodization. [Gothamist]

In NYC Prep: "The city is a capitalist hell, with mood lighting, frenetic shopping, and '18-year-old girls who cry when they lose their eyeliner'... a symbol of spiritual emptiness, an island of lost souls, almost submerged in colorful cocktails. And much of America wants to laugh at New Yorkers suffering for their sins." [NYM]

Peering into a Village garrett and recalling when "residents were relics...of an earlier West Village populated with artists and marginally employed eccentrics," instead of people who work for Barneys corporate. [NYT]

Another homeless person beaten by young males off Tompkins Square Park. [NMNL]

Check out The Hermit--an ode to EV eccentric Edgar Oliver--at the Hot Festival.

North Brother Island--it's for the birds. [13]

Discover "gangsters, murderers, and weirdos" of the LES. [GNY]

Duane Reade changing their slogan from the too-true "Everywhere you go" to "Your city. Your drugstore." [NYT]

New York correspondent Simon Houpt says "Goodbye to All This" and returns to Canada. [G&M]

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JakeGould said...

That "Save Coney" video is excellent. It really explains the mess, very, very, very well. But honestly, this all seems too little too late. I think the best hope is for Thor to have some financial scandal that puts all of their holdings in receivership. One can only dream this recession has a silver lining like that!