Monday, July 20, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

As noisy, obnoxious bars and restaurants spill to gentrified Long Island City, people are freaking out LES-style. [Curbed]

Tonight: Tell the SLA, "No more liquor licenses in the EV!" If it's giving you a headache and keeping you up at night, then stand up and be heard at the CB3 meeting. (Click the pic to read details.)

Koi sushi says they'll be low-key on the Bowery. Meanwhile, celebs and fashionistas gear up for this "in-crowd magnet." They go before the CB3 tonight. [EVG]

5 Rose's Pizza miraculously did not become a bank or a Starbucks. Iggy's Pizzeria now has signage and the place is spruced up with a pressed-tin ceiling and flat-screen TVs--so we'll see what that's all about. They're also up at the CB3 tonight:

7/23 at Otto's Shrunken Head: Go to the benefit for Ray's Candy and help save this EV institution. [Shadow]

How the foodies are ruining junk food by making it fancy. Sort of. [NYT] Anyway, check out this great parody blog: Fancy Fast Food.

Discover remnants of the Mayfair movie palace in a Times Square BBQ joint. [GLF]

Enjoy a little real-estate Schadenfreude today. [NYT]

Go inside the engine room of Coney's Wonder Wheel. [NYT]

Take a visit to Arthur Avenue, which has yet to be ruined. [NYT]


EV Grieve said...

Wow. There's another noise flier on Avenue A near Superdive about this stretch of the EV.

Residents are starting to take action again...

Anonymous said...

Is this NYT story supposed to be sad?

Boo-hoo, shed a tear for the poor little rich people that can't afford their $5000 a month Geneva, Switzerland apartment after paying cash for a six figure Hell's Kitchen condo. Boo-fucking-hoo!

Anonymous said...

Arthur Avenue is one of the great experiences when visiting New York.
Unfortunately most of the neighborhood around it has gone to shit, it's still a great street with great food and people.

rexlic said...

J: don't believe the hype about LIC. Most of the hysteria regarding Vernon Boulevard centers around one establishment and its neighbors. Given the amount of people who've already moved into the neighborhood, the density of bars (there are currently four--four!--places that typically sell drinks past midnight on Vernon, and only one which is open until 4:00 AM seven nights a week, located five feet from a subway entrance and 20 feet from the 108 Precinct) is negligible at best. Compare this to, say, Avenue A between 1st and 2nd, a block which has at least five bars on it.

Anonymous said...

They didn't pay cash the hells kitchen place. If you read the article, they bought there a long time ago, and took advantage of increasing prices, they sold the hells kitchen place and paid cash for the Clinton hill apt.

A UN employee is hardly a little rich person.

5000 is Geneva for a family of four may not be on the poverty line but they are certainly not living large, especially as a quasi government employee.

I thought his blog was about a vanishing part of the city not about hating people that may make more money than you or disposition in life. It's like hating the popular
kids just because they are popular and
you are not. If it was you that had bought a place ten years, made some money on it then moved to a bigger place only to be transferred and not able to sell, well then it would be a tragedy.

L'Emmerdeur said...

"His wife, Gillian, says she too feels the strain, especially living in a city where hamburgers can cost $45"

You know, all the years I was making si figures on Wall Street, and I never - NEVER - paid $45 for a burger.

Jeremiah, here's how it works: until people like this surrender to the fact that the days of $45 burgers are over and start cooking burgers at home for around $1.50 each, none of this has bottomed.

Pet airlines fully booked, $45 burgers - the bottom is not in yet, nd won't be for a while.

Anonymous said...

How much is rueben these days at Katz?

ultraviolet said...

re: anon 12:49

Your point about the other 'anon' that left the comment is just, it should have been read more carefully. But if YOU read the article you would have noticed that this news story was about hard times falling on people who don't know, or never thought they would know what hard times are. From that perspective I don't feel sorry for them. Get real! $5000 is an insane amount of money to be paying rent in Geneva or anywhere!

Yes this blog is about the New York that is vanishing. The sole reason that such a thing is happening is due to the overwhelming amount of people that DO have money that are literally pricing others out. It goes hand in hand. Bringing this down to a high school level of "hating the popular kids" is ridiculous.

From your perspective I guess anybody who is at a financial disadvantage for any reason and voices their opinion is just a big cry-baby, but judging your post, and I'm guessing you income bracket as well, I'm not surprised that that's your point of view.

Jill said...

The Shadow is hosting an event at Ottos?! I wonder if they know that they scan your drivers license into a machine that presumably saves the data, and will not allow you to enter if you ask it not to be scanned. I am appalled at the invasion of privacy and have not come across other bars in the EV that use that machine. I wish they were having the benefit at a place that was less aggressive about collecting my personal data. Instead I will buy a large egg cream next time instead of a regular.

Ed said...

Long Island City is actually pretty interesting in the history of gentrification. There is no bohemian phase. The neighborhood went straight from kind of borderline run down/ solid working class to all douchebaggy.