Monday, July 13, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Veloce Pizzeria, the second try at making a go of the old Teresa's spot on 1st Ave, looks like it's going mobile with a bike-driven cart under a big red umbrella. Pedaling pizzas? Look out icee man, here comes the upscale competition.

Charles Denson, the Coney Island historian (interviewed here), will be taking questions about Coney's preservation from readers of City Room this week. [CIHP]

Jane Jacobs' son is "appalled" by city's plans for Coney. [SCI]

"At some point, New York City will have to stop the long, slow, perpetual dying of Coney Island." [NYT]

Roy dubs the story of the manhole-tumbling, texting teen "a parable for our times." [RS]

Not all the tourists are happy with NYC's less-shiny nightlife: “You don’t open a bar in the meatpacking district and make it low key,” said Amanda Hunt, a high school English teacher visiting from Port St. Lucie, Fla., who was miffed one night last week after finding herself where the music was not deafening and where there were no drink specials for women. “Like you don’t go to Fort Lauderdale or Palm Beach on the strip and go low-key." [NYT]

A block of Ave A continues to empty out. [EVG]

The California invasion continues with shirtless lifeguards on Broadway. [Racked]

Reading the Metropolitan Diary. [NYT]


EV Grieve said...

I like the BoweryBoogie tag!

hntrnyc said...

Veloce Pizza had a young lady standing out front and handing out menus yesterday, not a good sign....