Thursday, July 16, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

The owner of the Cafe Edison--aka the Polish Tearoom--has died. What will be the future for this venerable Times Square coffee shop? It is likely the last of its kind in that neighborhood. [CR] ...Broadway lights dim in memory. [AB]

The Edison has long been a favorite--post to come--check out my photos of the Edison here on Flickr.

Grieve suggests one way upscale sushi joint Koi can convince the EV to let them takeover the Salvation Army shelter--nudity. [EVG]

"Sevey" to be the next annoyingly ubiquitous chain to hate. [Gothamist]

Menus of the living dead. [FP]

LES artist and muralist Antony Zito to exhibit. [BB]

Wow--a Furry meets Liberace is this crazy "hoop" car. [HG]

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