Tuesday, December 16, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Dubai's Palazzo Versace to offer refrigerated beaches! Says the developer, "We will suck the heat out of the sand to keep it cool enough to lie on...This is the kind of luxury that top people want." And then we will provide the softest sands made from the pulverized bones of harvested human babies! Mwah-ha-haaaaa! [Treehugger]

Is Blue & Cream really desperate? The Hamptons shop on Bowery has gone "ghetto," covering the neighboring Chase bank with postcards--taped to the door and the ATMs, stacked on the ATMs and the tables. Everywhere! That Avalon rent hike must hurt:

Time stands still at the White Horse tavern. [ENY]

As Astroland is destroyed, piece by piece, are we also losing Denny's ice cream stand? [KC]

But, please, not Ruby's too! We said goodbye to Ruby's in the summer of '07. Let's hope she keeps surviving. [Gothamist]

The original Five Roses say goodbye with historic photos in the window of their shuttered pizza parlor. [EVG]

Welcome to the new era of CBGB. [Stupefaction]

Hope aboard an SATC bus tour--and buy some SATC-approved sex toys. [CR]

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Anonymous said...

I remember Rosemary working very hard there too for all those years--and her daughters too-Happy Holidiays to Rosemary and the whole 5 Roses Crew