Thursday, December 4, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

The ways of colonization can be subtle. Note the altered, re-branded "R's" in the old Bouwerie Lane sign:

Check out Nathan Kensinger's cool shots of the weird world beneath the Coney Island boardwalk. [NK]

Potemkin Village: "McNally wanted [Pastis] to look like it had been in the neighborhood for years, so Bologna constructed this narrative of a family that had maintained the restaurant for a century." [Eater]

Take a dance around the Blarney Cove. [EVG]

Visit Cafe Reggio--without the tourists. [GVDP]

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Anonymous said...

Once middle class, then haute yuppie 7th Ave in Park Slope is heading back to humbler times. Quite a few vacant storefronts in the South Slope, and more than a couple classy yuppie joints being replaced by Nail Salons (a sign of imminent retail strip demise).

I wonder if the chief real estate power (the hospital) put the 5 guys burgers and fries across from it on purpose to drum up heart attack and obesity customers?