Friday, December 12, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

In covering my post on Antique Row, Izzy of Racked asks a provocative question: "Can you mourn the loss of a store where you've never shopped?" You know my answer (can you love someone you've never kissed? or grieve for endangered animals you've never fed by hand?). What do you think?

Love Saves the Day employee says he's "tired of hearing customers tell him how upset they are about it." Take an almost-last peek inside this popular and beloved shop. [Gothamist]

Revisit the old EV with What About Me. [EVG]

Send the Coney rocket some love. [Curbed]

Times are tough, unemployment's up, but the folks in LaBarge are looking to staff the old Moondance Diner. Maybe all those out-of-work Wall Streeters should go west and "Join Team Moondance!" [Moondance]

The building where Magic Shoes magically keeps going out of business, again and again, might really be falling this time. Can the next-door Pizza Box be far behind? [Curbed]

And another kitsch shop to shutter: Mr. Pink on W. 16th is closing. This was rumored in 2007, announced to vanish in June by Racked, but with the For Rent and Closing Sale signs now it looks like it's really, really done:


Marjorie said...

re: "Can you mourn the loss of a store where you've never shopped?"
Yes. Leesam Kitchen & Bath was located on 7th Avenue between 17th Street and 18th Street. They never did any renovations for me. But, it was there since I moved into this neighborhood, which was in 1968. In about 2005? or so there was a sign saying the store was moving. I felt very sad so I went in to say good-bye to the owners. Well, I did not feel they were on the same page as I was with regard to the emotion (I was visibly sad) so I left feeling a little silly.
In any event, Le Quotidien is now in that space.

Anonymous said...

Say it ain't so!
but i did shop there! from the cheapo bins filled w/ fabrics to the vintage glasses & the clothes. I was always able to pick up something great to wear from there. I always got the feeling that nobody else shopped their clothing racks. I mean, why else is that 50's dress $40? "Thanks Love Saves The Day, you did it again!"

I even liked the hanging baskets filled with sparklers & at christmas I always picked up something cool & vintage looking. i still have some gift tags around.

i've been up to the one in New Hope, but it's not in the East Village, ya know? I will mourn it properly & have the sad task of telling another true lover of that store.