Wednesday, December 10, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

A reader sent in this link to the work of Jon Hammer, painter of "groovy old joints," the vanishing pubs and bars of the city. Check it out. [JH]

MTA finds new way to torture us with advertising. [Gothamist]

The freebie L Magazine offers an article on old technology still alive in the city. [LM]

BaHa gets cheesy at Little Italy's Alleva. [SE]

One of my favorite novels, Revolutionary Road, is soon to hit the big screen. That always makes me nervous. The Observer reports: Mendes didn't "fuck up." [NYO]

Is the entire East Village for sale? [EVG]

LES fenced in by cartoon character advertisements. [BBoogie]

El Diario replaced by el Wino. [GVDP]


Lidian said...

Revolutionary Road is one of my favorite novels of all time, too. I am really hoping that they do at least partial justice to it (but am pretty worried all the same).

Anonymous said...

Revolutionary Road is one of the greatest modern novels ever written. You can already tell they fucked-up the film version by casting DiCaprio in the lead role. Terrible.