Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Meter Massacre

As Grieve reported earlier today, and as I covered here, the parking meters of the city are vanishing and today was D-Day for many in the East Village. Passing by, I caught the DOT in action.

Their process is swift and powerful. As if removing a rotted tooth, they drill and drill, working in a circle around the base. A second guy loosens the meter, pushing it back and forth. Liquid is poured into the hole, maybe water, to soften the concrete and the mud beneath. The meter is wiggled again.

You see it yield, giving up its hold on the city's street.

Then the second guy, bending at the knees and hugging the meter like a fainted lover or a choking victim in need of the Heimlich, lifts it from the sidewalk.

He carries it away and tosses it in the truck, on the growing pile of other bodies.


Anonymous said...


Ken Mac said...

why is this happening? No parking on the street while they demolish parking garages and lots?

Anonymous said...

Just being replaced by "munimeters" as has occurred all over Manhattan (there is one pay station that provides a receipt that you put in your window)

Anonymous said...

why mourn the parking meters? they're just aliens that came in on the automobile mothership 80 years ago. old nyc never had them. and sidewalks are better for pedestrians without them. i would think anyone pining for old new york, would be happy about this.