Thursday, December 11, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Matt Harvey talks to Phil Hartman about the closing of the Pioneer and explores a vanishing East Village over the decades. [NYP]

Please stop! Astroland rocket atop the fabulous Gregory and Paul's to be sold for scrap?! [Curbed]

Ever-vigilant Grieve finds the Vigilant Hotel, a real flophouse somehow still alive. [EVG]

The Ohio Theater is likely closing. Says art director Robert Lyons: "It's not the first cultural institution to succumb to real-estate pressures... Soon we're going to have a city without any cool theater spaces." [VV]

VNY on flickr

A Gowanus before and after. How quickly our urban landscape is radically changing. [Curbed]

Orchard Corset, still surviving on carpetbagged Orchard Street, just launched a sexy new website. [OC]


Ken Mac said...

Re the NYP piece, I used to be scared walking Avenue C in the late 80s. Now I just want to scare somebody.

Matt Hiller said...

Can't say that I have warm and fuzzy feelings about the Ohio theater - that's where I saw the worst theatrical production of my life. We actually ended up physically barred from getting the hell out by performers who sat down in the aisle, effectively holding the audience hostage. Oh - did I mention the 10-feet-away onstage smoking? My pregnant wife loved that.