Thursday, December 18, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Cemusa, that European machine that turns out clones of "street furniture," just can't figure out how to spell anything in New York City. [BB]

A bit about the history of the R&L Restaurant--which came before and after Florent. [Eater]

Pub crawlers take over EV, go to Zum Schneider and "talk like a nazi." [EVG]

Closed by the DOH: Song 7.2, with all the creepy pictures outside (a tongue made of strawberries my favorite worst). [CR]

Loving the Orange Hut in Woodside, Queens. [LC]


Marjorie said...

Since the 60s or maybe even earlier, there was a newspaper/magazine store on the corner of northeast corner of 11th Street and 6th Avenue. You entered on a diagnonal at the corner. It was called "Niko's." It was very narrow and had a real old feel inside with a lopsided wooden floor. It also carried all the literary journals. I passed today and now it is "Nicky's." I entered from a new door at the front. I saw they had some of the leftover literary magazines in the back, but somewhow I feel when they are sold, no new ones will be ordered. it has become a generic store.

Anonymous said...

Yes-I remember the old news and magazine store too-it was a great one and there for many years--