Monday, December 1, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

As we saw foreshadowed back in September, the depressed economy has lead to increased erectile dysfunction among New York's former masters of the universe. Now their partners are masturbators of the universe, as sales of dildos and vibrators rise instead. [NYP]

HunterG says goodbye to Christina at the shuttered Five Rose's pizza. [HunterG]

Grieve spends Thanksgiving at the Aqueduct raceway before it's turned into a glittering "racino." [EVG]

Reverend Billy hosted a day without consumerism in Union Square. [RS]

Visit the 1975 gay parade and the Limelight of yesteryear. [Marjorie]

Enjoy Ray Mortensen's early 1980s photos of the South Bronx. [NYT]

Bloomberg continues to live the good life while the city crumbles--scores luxury box at new Yankee Stadium. [Gothamist]

Meanwhile, the East Village slips back into 1970s-style grit, with beer-bottle stabbings and crusty violence. [NMNL]

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a bizarre bizarre bizarre bizarre bizarre 4 day weekend.

A GIANTS football player accidently shoots himself.

A WAL-MART employee in Long Island is run over and killed by a mob of 2,000+ plus shoppers.

^ Could this possibly have something to do with the recent economic downturn?