Friday, December 5, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Bad, bad news for the old Bowery: Bari is finally selling their giant parcel of properties. Make way for more and more and more towers of tin and glass. [EVG]

The notorious East Village Portfolio goes back on the auction block--including those 12th and A corners--for a bazillion dollars. How many more tenants will be shaken out this time around? [Curbed]

Chinatown protesters shout down Chatham Square redesign a "sham" forced upon the neighborhood. And the Bloomdozer keeps chugging along. [DTE]

Christine's is definitely not being renovated. It's vanished and for rent:

The bar that dare not choose a name on 4th and 2nd is getting into the sideshow game as they look for bartenders with "flare skills and fire shows." [HG]

Broke-Ass Stuart's guide to living on the cheap in NYC just came out. Good timing. [BAS]

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Marjorie said...

I did not quite know where to put this, so I am placing it here. You can go here:
and see three photos from July 1975. They were taken up on the roof. The photo in the middle shows the Charles Hellmuth Printing Ink Corp. ad that was blocked when The Yves went up. The "Griffon" is still visible but very faded.