Monday, December 8, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Does Karma have the best noise control in the EV--or are they getting the most complaints? To their two existing "shut up" signs, they've added two huge posters outside, one tied to the gate of the hardware store next door and another tied to a tree trunk. And who knew beer companies were now sponsoring urban etiquette signs?

"I Hearted NY Before You Moved Here and Made It Suck." [FP] this the source of those stickers?

Chat about the Sinatra days with some Village characters at Lenny's Something Special. [GVDP]

Two Greenpoint maps: One of the gentrifying nabes and one of the nabes soaked in toxic gases.

Luxury is not immune to the failing economy: Sales fall and “It’s not politically correct to show off in this environment." [NYT]

Will the city be filled with empty, half-finished condo towers, skeletons of a dead age blowing construction debris? [NYT]

Meanwhile, other condo developers are offering buyers a money-back guarantee. How about a set of Ginsu knives? [NYT]


Anonymous said...

Rockrose? I remember West Village horror stories. My suggestion: buy the Brooklyn Bridge.

Jill said...

The shut up signs are likely showing up because they have to renew their liquor license soon and complaints are a factor in CB3 deciding on renewal. One of the things that comes up in the discussion is whether the owner has tried hard enough to keep the noise level down. I guess they think the signs will prove how hard they are trying.