Wednesday, December 3, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Up until maybe a week ago, you could still walk by the old Gordon Novelty shop and enjoy what remained of its fabulous facade. Recently, it's been completely covered by plywood. Which means, tragically, that demolition is beginning. This one breaks my (already broken by the loss of LSD) heart:

photo by Frank Lynch

With the closing of LSD, what will happen to Karen, the woman who sells stuff outside on the weekends? She's looking for a corner. If you've got one, let her know. [youtube]

Is there any restaurant more loathe-worthy than Delicatessen? [NYO]

This summer I took a look at the Theatre Condos, coming to the heinous corner of St. Mark's and 2nd. Now Curbed offers a handy visual guide to the typical buyer. [Curbed]

Enjoy more Thanksgiving at Aqueduct. [EVG]

Something to look forward to: Rides on the vintage "nostalgia buses." [RS]

My post on LSD prompted a mugging story from reader Mark of Kane, who mentioned the shop once was a "Blimpie Base." I had to Google that one and turned up this terrific photo of the vanished corner of 6th Ave and 11th:

photo by machine stops


julie wilson said...

the sight of my first blimpie!

Anonymous said...

It pains me to see that building and it's Gordons sign go. I'm not a big fan of what's happening to that whole area around the Flatiron building.

esquared™ said...

Maybe if Karen and Love Saves The Day change their status to a bank holding company, the gov't will bail them out.

Ken Mac said...

when I first hit the city in 87, that Blimpie was my regular hang in between studies at Drummer's Collective. Long before it became the upscale coffee joint it is today. nice shot.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know they were demolishing that building... It caught my eye a few weeks ago, with its blue paint chipping away... I took a lot of pictures of it... I'm glad to know more about the building, since I was immediately intrigued by it, but I'm so sad that it is getting demolished. The building is so interesting and has such obvious character, even without the missing beautiful facade I saw pictures of in your past entry.