Tuesday, June 8, 2010

*Everyday Chatter

At Bushwick Open Studios, a scene of New School meets Old School:

I've got a post about noise wars and blogs in HuffPo today, starring Jill and Grieve.

Very nifty: Historypin pins old street photos on today's sites. [LM]

Slipper Room closes for demolition and rebuilding. [BB]

The radicalization of hip is now complete. [RS]

The Shamrock Stables are empty. [CR]

You could live in half of Warhol's house. [EVG]


Nathan said...

Jeremiah, thanks for posting the VV link. I found it interesting because the article dated to 1968, yet it referred to "the East Village" as an acknowledged neighborhood. I've frequently heard that the East Village was a marketing name conceived by real estate brokers in the 80s to try to sell the neighborhood as being separate from the Lower East Side -- in other words, that the "East Village" designation was a purely contrived name along the lines of Dumbo, NoLiTa, etc, etc.

This VV article would indicate otherwise (although the exact boundaries of the neighborhood may have changed over time).

Jeremiah Moss said...

Nathan, good point. and you are right, it was contrived by the real estate industry. it was just contrived in the 1960s, not the 80s. the EV has been gentrified for a long time. i suspect that the calamities of the 1970s put that process on hold, but only for a little while. and, of course, we've seen it go turbo-charged in the past decade.

here's a bit of info:

Bowery Boogie said...

nice work with the huffpo story.

Nathan said...

Jeremiah, thanks for posting that link from the Villager. Absolutely fascinating!